Why you Should Drink Hot Tea More Often

Tea is the second most consumed beverage, after water (bottled water in this case). It turns out – drinking hot tea does more to your body than just keep you warm. Here’s where you should have one more cup of hot tea today.

It Helps With Weight Loss

Do you want all the athletics glory you can get in and around the gym? Well, make a point of drinking some hot tea after training. See, tea boasts a wealth of nutrients including polyphenols – potent antioxidants that can help improve your health.

Besides, it doesn’t contain sugar and can cleanse your body, stimulate digestion, lower cholesterol and give you an energy boost. It allows enables you to develop a habit of drinking more fluids not to mention that it helps flush toxins out of your body.

It Helps Counter the Effects of Aging

The Chinese have been using tea for centuries to slow down the effects of aging. This is because tea is rich antioxidants that help fight the activities of free radicals. Green and white are great alternatives for lemon juice for anyone who wants to reduce the effects of aging.

Besides, drinking tea on a regular basis can help delay loss of vision, sagging of the skin, macular degeneration and a variety of other conditions brought about by aging.

Helps Reduce Fatigue and Depression

Tea is an excellent energizer and depressant. This is due to the high levels of tannin, alkaloids, and caffeine found in tea, all of which are efficient and fast natural stimulants.

Drinking tea offers instant relief from fatigue, stimulates the brain, and boosts the mood. Tea is highly effective in keeping sleep at bay. Besides, tea contains an amino acid known as L-Theanine that helps increase alertness in the brain.

It Boosts Gum and Teeth Health

Because tea contains tannin and alkaloids, it has strong astringent properties. If taken without sugar, tea can help lower the levels of acids in the mouth and destroy germs. The astringent properties promote a healthier gum, thus preventing the loosening or falling out of teeth.

The Bottom Line

While there is no denying that tea is beneficial in more than one way, you should get well acquainted with the different varieties of teas. The main types include white, oolong, green, and black tea. One more thing – the degree of fermentation determine the level of nutrients.