Why Your Instagram Posts Are Not Converting

Those who have been in business for more than five years know that the internet has changed how people communicate and transact over the past few years. Digital marketing is already paving its way as one of the most effective forms of marketing which make traditional forms seem ineffective. The fact that you can just post on social media and attract hundreds of followers makes this form of marketing attractive. There are people who have abandoned other forms of marketing and now fully concentrate on social media alone. The following are some of the reasons why you are not making conversions on your Instagram campaigns

    1. Your content is wanting

The number of times that you post on social media does not matter. What attracts potential customers is the quality of the posts that you make. Learn the art of making your posts attractive and include call-to-actions and arouse emotions. A single image and a price tag are not enough to attract a potential to order from you. Use captivating captions that tell customers why they should buy your products and the benefits that they will get. Check some market leaders in your niche and borrow some tips on how to make Instagram ads that convert.

    1. You are not on the explore page

We cannot ignore the recent developments that Instagram has undergone just to make the user experience better. The explore page is a feature that most people do not understand how it works. The profiles that you see there are active, have trendy content, updated information and consistent posting schedules. When you profiles appear there, it increases your chances of getting new followers and closing sales. This is like Instagram’s search engine which displays profiles that are highly ranked based on their performance and content quality. Income Artist has some sure tips on how to land on the Instagram explore page.

    1. You do not have analytics

The most important aspect of every marketing campaign should be the numbers that you get. However, most people carry out campaigns without caring to know whether they get the desired results or not. You should have a plan that highlights your strategy and the end results that you desire. Do you want to increase the number of followers or sales? There are various tools that you can use to analyze the performance of your campaigns and generate results. You can thus know the areas that need improvement and those to abandon.