Instagram Tips for the Snap Happy

Forget Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is the place to post your selfies. And with more than 500 active daily users, you can be sure to get lots of likes and followers. Here’s how to have the best experience on Instagram if you’re photo obsessed.

Get Rid of Trolls

Not everyone will like you. Plus, some people are natural trolls so you’d better know how to deal with them. So, if there’s a not-so-nice remark you don’t want to see under your snaps, delete it. You may also consider reporting the comment as abuse if you think it is necessary to do so. And the beauty of it is that getting rid of trolls is a tap or a swipe away.

Take Control of Comment

The truth is, it can be hard to deal with hateful comments. If you’re getting malicious remarks consistently, you’re better of choosing who can comment on your posts. You can also block phrases and words. Or, you may decide to turn off commenting altogether. Other than that, you can add custom keywords. That way, you will hide the comments using abusive words.

Dish Out Silent Treatment

At times, you may have had enough of a person, but for one reason or the other, you cannot unfollow him/her. In such situations, your best bet is to mute him/her without their knowledge. Instagram gives you the option to mute posts and stories from such individuals.

Edit Your Words

Sometimes, you can make errors in your comments. When that happens, be sure to edit your “unwritten words” quickly. The last thing that you want is to offend your followers especially if you’re at the initial stages of growing your following.

Stay Safe

There are hackers everywhere, even on Instagram. Make sure that you turn on the two-factor authentication to protect yourself from such elements. Remember to add a phone number to receive a security code when there is a login attempt from unknown devices or when you have to verify your identity to log in.

… don’t forget to keep growing your following

The more followers you have, the more the comments and likes that you’ll get for your photos. Buy followers to boost your presence. Even then, be careful not to get scammed when purchasing Instagram followers. Speaking of buying followers, Spire has an exposé of sorts about AudienceGain a questionable service claiming to sell Instagram followers. Read more about it and check out its alternatives while you are at it.