5 Ways to Let Instagram Know You’re Here to Stay

One of the best things about Instagram is the fact it combines the power of user-generated content and visual marketing.

With the combo, the number of users is increasing. This seems to be inevitable — given that it makes socializing a lot easier.

This futuristic approach appeals greatly to those with a futuristic vision. And if you’re one of those futuristic thinkers, here’s how to make some noise.

1 – You Post Relevant Content

It’s best to post relevant content from day 1 of account creation. It paints an image of respect and professionalism on Instagram.

If you haven’t started with relevant posts, let that be okay. But make sure you do so from this point onwards.

Relevance is important because it speaks about your character. It says that you are sensible and you don’t post just for the sake of having an entry to post.

2 – You Use Geo-Targeting

And again, you opt for relevance with the power of geo-targeting.

This means that you target your clients by location. Instead of reaching out to random users, this is more effective because this means you are reaching out to the people who matter.

Geo-targeting an audience on Instagram is a sign of your preference for long-term approaches. It says that you want to increase your audience. But unless that increase in audiences can benefit you, you would pass up such an offer.

3 – You Use Hashtags

And then you use hashtags.

Doing so is a sign of someone who’s playing for the long haul because you are keeping up with trends.

Maybe the fact that many people on Instagram use hashtags is just a bubble. And maybe that bubble will burst.

Then again, maybe it won’t.

Regardless, hashtags are effective in this moment. And regardless of their fate, you are willing to see them through.

If you’re not using hashtags, get the ball rolling.

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4 – You Aim for Organic Growth

You don’t take shortcuts by buying followers, likes, or comments.

While you certainly want a bulk of new followers, likes, and comments, you want to do matters the right way. This means optimizing your profile and using effective promotional techniques.

5 – You Are Consistent

Lastly, people will get the message that you’re going to stay if you’re consistent.

So, be present during certain events, like your followers’ posts, type in comments, respond to questions, and more.

Basically, let your presence be known.

Closing Remarks

If you’re on Instagram for the long haul, your strategies should be for the long haul, too. So, take matters seriously so your followers, as well as everybody else on Instagram, will also take you seriously.