Bread Wars: Bread Machine Versus Traditional Baking

You could be an inexperienced baker who wants to explore baking or may even be a regular one who wants an optimal alternative. Perhaps you already tried a bread machine or a traditional oven, or both. You ask, “Which of the two is practical and superior for baking bread at home?” Overall, it is simply a matter of one’s preference. However, fact-checking is always necessary to objectively assess the capabilities of these tools.

Bread Machine: Advantages

One advantage with bread machines is time-saving capabilities, since these knead the dough, and shape it into a loaf. Thus, you save effort and time thanks to the fact that the tool already performs the tasks. Furthermore, these are also programmable, so one can manipulate it to perform different actions. Also, a command for stopping is also available, so the bread will not be baked right away. Consequently, you may use the dough for other purposes besides bread-making, such as cupcakes or doughnuts.

Bread Machine: Disadvantages

Often, the complaint regarding bread machine use is that it produces either a tough or gooey product. Thus, careful programming of the temperature and timer is necessary to avoid disasters. Another issue with the tool is that cleaning it can be a chore. Since these are not compatible with the dishwasher, exercise caution when cleaning by hand and when adding chocolate or fruit jams that often stick. Lastly, you must avoid damaging its Teflon coat to sustain its functionality.

Your Bread Machine

If you are interested in bread machines after reading about them, then it’s time to buy one if you still do not possess one. You should examine popular bread machines to gather more information that will aid in your decision. Or, if you already own a bread machine that is collecting dust, bring it out and put it to work.

Traditional Baking: Advantages

Others often say that traditional baking is therapeutic since individuals participate in the process. One advantage is overall control over the production of bread itself since you need to knead dough and to attend to the oven. Furthermore, since it is already an established method of making bread, people tend to be familiar with it. Also, a practical method is kneading with a bread maker and baking in an oven. Overall, there are only a few advantages a traditional oven has over a bread maker.

Traditional Baking: Disadvantages

When baking with the original method, you need to spend effort and time. Furthermore, if skills are lacking, the output will be worse than the one from a bread maker. Also, one has to pay attention in the kneading and baking process, preventing you from moving around and doing other activities. Moreover, traditional ovens lack other forms of programming, so fewer options are available. Lastly, traditional baking comes with other problems than a bread maker will experience, such as strong yeast odor, sour taste, uneven shape, and crust issues.


Bread machines prove to be more convenient than your standard oven. Furthermore, these come with multiple functions that save you labor and time, enabling you to perform other activities while allowing the tool perform the task. However, there is simply that nostalgic experience when it comes to traditional baking, so if you already are comfortable with it, therefore stick with that.