What Type Of Espresso Machine You Need

The world of espresso machines is large and there are multiple types of machines out there. When you need to pick one for your home, office or another place where coffee is indispensable, you have to know what type of machines to research, otherwise, your review reading time will be worthless.

Manual espresso machines

A large part of expert espresso machine reviews are dedicated to manual espresso machines. These require human power to push the water through the coffee beans in order to produce the coffee. There are also machines which have multiple features and handles or levers, which can be used to control the strength of the espresso as well as the frother.

Automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines

What we are used to call automated espresso machines, expert espresso machine reviews call semi-automatic; the hint is there are machines which require little human intervention and machines which virtually require none. Fully automated espresso machines are connected to a water source and a coffee grinder, so you just have to wait for the machine to do its job and collect the final product.

Semi-automatic espresso machines require you to make the espresso: you need to push the button and turn on the machine, fill the water container and the coffee ground container.

There is more than handling

When you research an espresso machine you need to think about more than how convenient you want it to be. Automated and semi-automatic machines take up more space and are more expensive, compared to manual ones, which can be a significant detail for a home consumer. This is why these types of machines are found mostly in offices and commercial places, like restaurants. However, you don’t need to.

Manual espresso machines allow you to take control over the process of brewing a perfect cup of coffee, which makes them great for those who want to drink their coffee in a very specific way, for example with exactly one inch of cream on top.

Regardless which type of machine you pick, the more reviews you will read before you make the purchase, the better the machine will fit your lifestyle.