Casting Apps For Watching Showbox Films On Chromecast

In the world of mobile, many apps creators are trying to build innovative software. Obviously, these apps are designed for various purposes. ShowBox is one of the leading applications for watching films with the help of a streaming process. You may install this app on your Android mobile or any other handsets that can support the app. There are many similar types of applications in the marketplace, and all these are attempting beat the stated app but this app has unique features that help it to be in the top position. Most of the times, the users want to view their videos on the Smartphone with iOS or Android platform. However, at times, the users also want to watch the popular films on the big screen, such as TV or computer. For this reason, here a useful tutorial is provided for all the users of the stated app. It is a comprehensive guide about the casting of the films of ShowBox with different apps.

For any Smartphone user, using the movie app can be a great a time killing activity. Obviously, the foremost thing that you have to do is to utilize the APK of the app and set it up on your mobile handset. In fact, there are lots of inbuilt funs. However, while you like to view the films or TV shows externally, you must have external video record players for the application for streaming the films with Wi-Fi connectivity.

LocalCast Free

This is possibly one of the most excellent solutions for casting the films to ChromeCast.  More than ten million users in this world are using it.

  • It is able to cast from your tablet or phone, NAS, Google Plus, Dropbox or any webpage.
  • Secondly, it has got the ability to transmit to Chromecast, Nexus Player, AppleTV and many other other DLNA gadgets.
  • It is also capable of adding captions to any running movie or video in an automatic way.
  • PDFs, music, Videos and images from any local media are acceptable to your casting.
  • It may not synchronize with the Google Music and requires more backup on the online streaming.


It is also another major casting application accessible in the marketplace. It possesses the power to cast song, films and pictures. With BubbleUPnP, you may find the following features-

  • Supporting streaming gadgets include- DLNA devices or Chromecast
  • By the use of trans-coding,¬†this may run Chromecast incompatible media systems. Thus, you may work with MKV, MOV, WMV or AVI formats.
  • Cloud and media and also streaming software programs, such as, Playbox Hd are the major sources for the application to cast.

AllCast App

This app allows one to send or view the video, music or images to Television. Here, you can find the features or attributes of AllCast. The paid version is accessible to cast films to various gadgets.

  • Free AllCast version has some limitations, such as, the time limit for viewing the photos and videos. Thus, it is better to choose premium version for accessing everything.
  • When the paid version is unsuited to MX player, you may choose Growbox.

Thus, the above casting applications can help you to view movies in a truly great way.